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Dead Awake (2017)

Kate Bowman (Jocelin Donahue) is an average social worker who is investigating in the mysterious deaths of people who died in their sleep. Shortly before their deaths, the victims all reported a supernatural force that appeared to them while they were suffering from sleep-paralysis. When Kate investigates further into the case, she opens herself up to the creature's wrath, and soon finds herself, and her family suffering from an ancient evil.

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Dikisahkan seorang pekerja sosial yaitu Kate Bowman (diperanka Jocelin Donahue), yang tengah menggali dunia supernatural, yang memulai menyelidiki tentang kasus kematian yang terjadi secara misterius, dari beberapa orang yang meninggal, saap mereka dalam keadaan tidur.
Sesaat sebelum kematian mereka, para korban melaporkan tentang adanya sebuah kekuatan supranatural yang menampakkan diri kepada mereka, pada saat mereka menderita kelumpuhan tidur.

Director: Phillip Guzman

Writers: Jeffrey Reddick

Cast: Jocelin DonahueJesse BradfordJesse BorregoLori Petty

Genre: HorrorThriller

Released: 12 May 2017

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